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Datum: 29.09.2017

Update SIP-DECT auf 7.0SP3-CI25

Mitel veröffentlicht Servicepack 3 für Releases 7.0

Mitel hat heute ein Servicepack für das Release 7 der SIP-DECT Lösung veröffentlicht.

Das Release trägt den Namen SIP-DECT 7.0SP3-CI25.

Das Release liefert für die Geräte:

  • Mitel 602d
  • Mitel 650c
  • Mitel 602d V2

neue Software, diese liegt nun in der Version 7.0.SP11 vor.

Der Hersteller empfiehlt das Update in bestehende Installationen einzuspielen.

Die Kompatibilität bezüglich Mitel-Call Server für die das SIP-DECT Release 7.0 freigegeben ist, bleibt unverändert.

Folgende Fehlerbereinigungen wurden in diesem Servicepack vorgenommen:

  • CUS-19708: Miv5000 XML session loop on HTTP 401
  • CUS-19738: SIP-DECT OMM restart with core dump
  • CUS-19761: SIP-DECT OMM restart with core dump
  • CUS-19774: Joy OMM failover - Queue CMI seems to be served too slowly
  • CUS-19835: DECT-To-DECT Blind transfer fails due to INVITE without SDP
  • DEV-19737: XSI directory responses for type Enterprise/EnterpriseCommon are not parsed successfully
  • DEV-19846/DEV-19833: PP resubscription not possible after deleting the subscription
  • DEV-19584: Risk of OMM reboot, if inactivity timer of LDAP Phonebook is exceeded or deleted
  • DEV-19637: IPL : Can't delete RFP: xyz
  • DEV-19651: MOM: DS unable to recover from sync error
  • DEV-19654: XML : Invalid XML configuration; Caller and redial list configuration differs
  • DEV-19659: OMM restart with coredump
  • DEV-19662: OMP: Null pointer exception
  • DEV-19676: RFP performs frequently config file / renew requests for no visible reasons
  • DEV-19678: Provisioning parameter "Calculated time of day" not updated in OMP
  • DEV-19684: AXI: Wrong "EventPPUserCnf" for "ppData" attribute possible
  • DEV-19686: Change of flag ''Use common certificate config.” are not noted in AXI events
  • DEV-19688: CERT: Memory leak when getting certificates from server
  • DEV-19690: Core dump of RFP-OMM after changing call number of PP
  • DEV-19698: Entries in XML call logs without activation of caller list and redial list
  • DEV-19706: Call control issues found during CUS-19691 investigations
  • DEV-19729: SIP-DECT tries a failover during semi-attended transfer scenario on A5000
  • DEV-19733: XML Screen popup multiple times but only send once
  • DEV-19743: MOM: mcnf discards subscr. perm. wildcard if synched from OMM disconnected state
  • DEV-19756: MOM: multi delete results in an error window without information text
  • DEV-19816: CERT: Core dump during supplicantcertificate update
  • Various smaller fixes and improvements

Das Servicepack steht auf unserem FTP-Server zum Download bereit.


Schlagwörter: 2017
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