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Mitel SIP-DECT Locating Server Lizenz

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Mitel SIP-DECT Locating Server Lizenz

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Produkt Features für Mitel SIP-DECT Locating Server Lizenz

Applikationsserver für:

  • Lokalisierung von Personen (DECT Endgeräten)
  • Überwachung von Alarmeldungen (SOS / MAN DOWN)
  • Überwachung von DECT-Bereichen mit Video


  • Strafvollzug
  • Gesundheitswesen
  • Hotel
  • Security

Die Lokalisierungsapplikation ist eine Erweiterung des Mitel SIP-DECT Systems. Für die Nutzung der Lokalisierungsfunktionen ist ein installiertes SIP-DECT System erforderlich.

Produkt Beschreibung für Mitel SIP-DECT Locating Server Lizenz

The OpenMobility Locating application enables customers to
comfortably manage and locate a large number of DECT
handsets, in diverse environments. The application is designed
for use by (among others) the following groups: hospital
workers, hotel employees, security staff, and staff in prisons,
and care facilities.
The OM Locating application offers an integrated message and
alerting function. It manages ManDown and SOS calls and
provides location details of the handset that initiates the call.
The application has a Web-based client server architecture
and supports up to 10 OM Locating clients. The OM Locating
server records all relevant locating information provided by the
OpenMobility Manager (OMM) and presents it to the
user/operator via the client’s Web interface.

Produkt Spezifikation für Mitel SIP-DECT Locating Server Lizenz

OM Locating server Server PC:

  • 2 GHz CPU
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 10 GB hard disk space
  • 100 MBit/s Ethernet adapter
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Server or CentOS 6.x

OM Locating clients / workstation computers (Number of application users 10)

  • PC capable of running a recent browser with JavaScript, Cookies, and DHTML
  • Adobe Flash plug-in must be installed
  • Sound card and set of speakers are recommended
  • Ethernet connection to OM Locating server
  • Screen resolution of 1280 x 1024 pixel


Locating Server:

The OM Locating application is a Java application running
under the Apache Tomcat application server environment. You
must setup the Apache Tomcat 6 server on a PC running Red
Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) Server 6 to install and run the OM
Locating application. Alternatively, you can use CentOS 6.x as
the operating system.

While the computing resources required by the OM Locating
application are moderate, please note that any Java
application requires a decent amount of system memory during
execution. A standard PC with a 2 GHz CPU, at least 1 GB of
RAM and a 100 Mbit/s Ethernet adapter is sufficient.

The OM Locating application is a Java application that runs on
the Apache Tomcat application server. Apache Tomcat in turn
requires a Java runtime engine installed on the server running
the OM Locating application.


Locating Workstation:

The OM Locating operator requires access to a standard PC
with web browser.

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